I am a multimedia artist whose work refers to various techniques including film, photography, drawing, textile and glass making.  In addition to this, my sculptures are made from a rich source of materials and found objects such as disposable cameras, human hair, fish bites, and toys amongst others.

I am inspired by contemporary society and the complex social values embedded within. Issues such as fashion and the manipulation of the female form, the portrayal of these figures heralded as trophies and the snobbery of designer shops against those who do not conform to these fantasy ideals are all a part of my concerns.

Throughout my work, themes of obscurity and dilemma generate intrigue and curiosity.  I jester with the idea of what is revealed and in turn, what is concealed.

“What you see is never what you are going to get…the real work is usually hidden and sacred in a container - a disguise to protect the real art piece, transforming it into an enigma.  It’s an ancestral magic, an ancient tactic...they will have to be aware that breaking the spell and revealing what is inside, involves a kind of death of the piece and transforms it into ordinary gold…”